Booking Details & Payment

Reservations can be made either by telephone, in person or by email but will only be held once a completed booking form has been received with a deposit of 25% of the total hire cost.
Confirmation will be emailed within 3 days. Full payment is due 6 weeks prior to the collection of the vehicle.
A refundable security deposit of £1000 is required before commencement of the hire
Payment methods:
• Cash
• Bank transfer
• Credit/debit card (2% fee)
Please note: We do not accept cheques
Scarlett Motorhome Hire (SMH) are authorised to charge the hirer from the credit/debit card or cash deposit, the cost of any additional items in these Terms & Conditions. This includes damage, missing items or insurance excess arising out of an insurance claim.


Only persons named on the hire agreement, with identification and licence information shared at the time of hire, may drive the vehicle.
All drivers must have the “C1” category on their licence, due to the weight of the vehicle being over 3500kg.
Drivers must be over the age of 25 and under 75 and must have held a valid licence for at least two years.
Age groups outside this bracket may be insured with an additional premium and will be down to our insurer’s discretion.
Driving licences with endorsements maybe subject to a surcharge and must be declared before hire.
Driving licence to be produced on collection of vehicle.
Upon collection of vehicle, the hirer will need to provide 1 form of photo ID [passport/driving licence] along with a recent utility bill (original only) in the same name and address.
SMH has the right to refuse to hand over a motorhome to any person who, in their reasonable opinion, is not suitable to take charge. In such cases, hire charges paid will be refunded (less the deposit) and SMH has no further liability.


Fully comprehensive insurance is provided within the hire charge and for the hire period only, driving outside this period of cover would deem to be an offence under the road traffic act. Furthermore the hirer is entirely responsible for any accidental damage, injury and consequential loss after the expiry of the hire period.
The driver[s] covered under the policy will be driving subject to an excess of £1000.
In the event of any damage to the motorhome (interior & exterior) or any third party property, the cost of the damage, will be taken out of the hirer’s security deposit, up to the amount of the insurance excess. In the event of an insurance claim being lodged, the full insurance excess will be taken from the security deposit.
It is advised that the hirer takes out separate travel insurance as no cover is provided for personal possessions, accident/sickness [to any hiring parties] or weather. Any damage to tyres, windscreen and any theft or loss of personal effects is not covered by our insurance and shall be at the hirer’s expense.
SMH must be notified, at the time of booking, if hirer intends on leaving the UK mainland. Failure to do so could invalidate your insurance cover.
A charge is made for travel to Europe and a list of acceptable countries is available upon request. This additional charge includes European insurance and breakdown as well as hire of the European driving packs.
In the event of a vehicle being late or damaged from a previous hirer, mechanical, electrical or other problems, SMH are not liable. Personal holiday insurance should cover this type of claim.

Vehicle Collection & Return

Hires generally run from Saturday to Saturday although alternative arrangements can be requested made at time of booking.
Collection times are 2pm – 5pm on the agreed day of collection.
Return must be 9am – 12pm on the agreed day of return.
Please allow a two hour timeslot for collection/delivery which will include paperwork processing, and vehicle checks and tours.
Failure to comply with the agreed times could result in hirer being charged at a rate of up to £40 per hour.
No refund is given for early vehicle returns.
On return of the vehicle all hirers are to ensure the vehicle is clean and tidy and the chemical toilet is clean and free from waste. SMH reserve the right to charge a fee of £75 for cleaning if the vehicle is left in unsatisfactory condition.
SMH will carry out a full pre-collection Inspection [PCI] on every motorhome before the commencement of hire. This PCI involves testing every system in the motorhome to ensure they are operating correctly. In conjunction, the hirer will be taken on a brief tour of the motorhome and shown how key systems work. A checklist and detailed instruction manual will be provided to the hirer, showing how main systems operate.
Should any motorhome system fail during your hire, SMH will make every effort to remedy the fault whilst you are away but in some cases this may not be possible and SMH cannot be held responsible and will not refund any monies should a loss of service be encountered.
The damage deposit will be returned within 7 days of satisfactory return of the vehicle. Deductions will be taken from this deposit in respect of damage [external/internal], cleaning, missing items, late returns and equipment replacement costs that are not covered under the insurance policy.


All cancellations must be made by telephone and confirmed in writing – email or post.
Should you cancel your confirmed booking more than 6 weeks prior to commencement of hire you will forfeit your 25% booking deposit.
Should you cancel your booking less than 6 weeks [and more than one week] prior to commencement of the hire, you will be charged 75% of the hire cost.
Should you cancel your booking less than 1 week prior to commencement of the hire, the full hire cost will be charged.
In the event of a “No show” - If the hirer does not attend to sign the hire agreement, the full hire cost will be charged.


While we will endeavour to make every effort to ensure the vehicle is ready at the agreed time, circumstances may arise out of our control and we accept no liability other than, the refund of the day or days lost.

Windscreens & Tyres

You are responsible for any damage to windscreens, windows and tyres during the period of the hire. This includes punctures and “blow outs”.
You should contact SMH to seek authorisation and instructions before carrying out any repair. Where possible it should be repaired or replaced as appropriate with genuine manufacturer’s parts, and paid for by you at the time.
Failing to achieve authorisation from SMH, may result in any monies spent not being reimbursed.

Smoking & Pets

SMH operates a strict policy of no smoking or pets within our motorhomes. Failure to comply will result in an additional cleaning cost of £150.00 being made.

Breakdowns & Accidents

Every effort is made to ensure the vehicle is in a roadworthy and safe condition prior to each and every hire. Therefore, SMH relinquishes any responsibility for onward travel, hotel, or any other expenses subsequent to a breakdown. Personal holiday insurance can be purchased to cover this.
In the event of a breakdown or accident the services of SMH and that of RAC Commercial will be at your disposal 24 hours a day 7 day a week.
Any breakdown, malfunction or damage caused by hirer’s negligence will be made good at your expense (this includes towing required when stuck in mud/a field).
SMH accept no responsibility for any loss or damage to personal effects occurring as a result of an accident or breakdown.
If you have an accident you must not admit responsibility or make any settlement offers. You should get the names and addresses of everyone involved, including witnesses. You should also:
1. Make the vehicle secure
2. Tell the police straight away if anyone is injured or there is a disagreement over who is responsible
3. Contact SMH
4. Produce an accident report keeping one copy for SMH
5. Assist SMH in handling any claim arising from any event, including providing all relevant information and attending Court to give evidence if necessary
In the case of an accident rendering the vehicle unsafe for further use, regardless of which party is at fault, the hire will end with no refund of monies being due from SMH. We recommend that you purchase travel insurance to cover your costs of onward travel and hotels.
Any minor non-insured repairs need to be authorised by a member of staff at SMH and if you, the hirer pay any authorised repair bills we will reimburse you on production of a valid vat receipt.

Fuel, Gas & Fluids

motorhome is supplied with a full tank of standard diesel fuel. The hirer is expected to return the vehicle with a full tank of fuel. If the motorhome is returned with less than a full tank a charge of £4.00 per litre will be made for the shortage.
As a very rough guide, a full tank is approximately £100, although this depends on prices at time of hire.
It is the hirer’s responsibility to check and maintain oil and water levels to vehicle specifications.
One full gas cylinder (13kg Propane) will be supplied at the time of hire. A second full gas cylinder is available for a non-refundable amount of £35.00.
Any cylinders lost, or damage while being incorrectly changed, will be charged to the hirer.

Bedding & Towels

Bedding included with each hire:
• 1 x sheet per bed
• 1 x mattress protector per bed
These sheets and protectors are custom made for the individual beds.
Other bed linen, such as pillows, duvets, blankets and towels are not provided with the motorhome as standard. If you require these items please enquire about availability and prices.

General Responsibilies of the Hirer

The hirer must and will at all times:
• Look after the vehicle and the keys to the vehicle. Lost keys and alarm fobs will be charged and deducted from the security deposit.
• Lock the vehicle when you are away from it, and use any security device fitted to or supplied with the vehicle.
• Protect the vehicle against adverse weather conditions which can cause damage - for example, doors, windows and awnings damaged by high winds.
• Ensure the correct fuel is used – standard diesel.
• Be responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle by [but not limited to] height restrictions, trees and bridges.
• Be responsible for all parking/motoring offences during the hire period. This includes any fixed penalty notices arriving after the hire finishes, where the offence occurred during the hirer’s time of hire. We will forward any relevant notices and summons to the hirer and share the hirer’s details with the appropriate police/court authorities
• Ensure the vehicle is not overloaded and carries only the correct number of passengers and/or weight as per vehicle specifications.
• Ensure all windows, doors and [internal/external] cupboards are securely fastened during transit.
• Observe any applicable safety and road traffic laws, including all passengers wearing seatbelts.
The hirer must not:
• Use the vehicle for hire or reward.
• Tow any vehicle or trailer behind vehicle (unless agreed in writing by SMH before collection).
The hirer acknowledges that:
• SMH retains the title to the vehicle and its contents at all times and they do not have any right to sell, hire, lend or attempt to secure credit against the vehicle.
• SMH reserves the right to repossess the vehicle at any time, due to misuse, damage or accident.