We are based in Ashford, Kent which is 61 miles south east of London. Ashford is a gateway to Europe as we are just 15 miles away from the Channel Tunnel and 25 miles from the port of Dover. If you take the tunnel you can be in France in around an hour! All motorhomes are treated the same on the tunnel (no need to know the length of the vehicle) so all you have to do is book for a campervan. Before driving on to the train you will be asked to disconnect your gas bottles, but other than that all you have to do is drive on and relax for the 35 minute crossing with no need to leave the vehicle.

Map of Kent

Once you arrive in France you head straight out onto the A16 and you could be in Paris in a little over 3 hours.

Alternatively, if you are planning to travel within the UK, Ashford is right on the M20 and the M25 is around 40 minutes away. Ashford is also on the high speed rail link to London, St Pancras and is part of the Eurostar network with regular trains from Europe. Gatwick airport is around an hour away by car and if you're flying here we can collect you from the airport (see our extras page for details).

High Speed Rail Link Eurostar Gatwick